Tequesta is undoubtedly one of the best places to live in the whole of Florida. This suburb in Palm Beach County and Martin County is a tight-knit community of roughly 6,102 people, according to the 2020 census. There are roughly 2,684 households and 1,653 families in Tequesta, 85% of whom own their homes and 15% who rent. Most of these households also own vehicles, and car accidents occur occasionally. When you are involved in a vehicle collision, it is critical that you seek a Tequesta car accident lawyer to help you get justice. A personal injury attorney is ready to protect your rights.

Why Do You Need a Car Accident Lawyer?

Most auto accidents result in personal injuries and damage to property. After suffering injuries, you might incur large medical bills to make yourself better again. You might not be able to work during your recovery and will lose your income. In some cases, your injuries might be so severe that you might never fully recover. This means your ability to earn an income will be compromised for the rest of your life.

Furthermore, your vehicle may need major costly repairs due to the accident damage. Sometimes, your car may be totaled if the damage is too extensive to be repaired. The repair costs can put on you a financial burden you weren’t ready to handle.

Florida follows the “no-fault” mandate for minor auto accident claims. This is commonly referred to as PIP or Personal Injury Protection.

This means that regardless of which party is responsible for the accident, each driver must seek compensation from their insurance provider. Florida law mandates that all motorists have not less than $10,000 in personal injury protection (PIP) coverage and $10,000 in property damage liability (PDL) coverage. If the crash results in personal injury damages, you can bring a suit against the at-fault driver for additional damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Hiring a car accident lawyer in Tequesta will ensure that you get the compensation you deserve for the damages you incurred from the auto accident. Contact us today if you need a competent attorney to handle your injury or property damage case related to a car accident.

Who Investigates Car Crashes in Tequesta?

In Florida, you are required by law to report all car accidents that result in damages. The Tequesta Police Department has the mandate to investigate most car accidents within its jurisdiction. Even though the Tequesta Police Department will investigate most car accidents in Tequesta, it is possible that the Florida Highway Patrol, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, or the Martin County Sheriff’s Office responds to the scene.

It is vital you call 911 immediately after an accident to bring the police to the scene. If the other driver tries to talk you out of calling the police, ignore them. If the police are not called, critical evidence from the accident may be lost forever.

Once members of the Tequesta Police Department or another agency arrive at the scene, they will start their investigation to determine what led to the accident. The police will question you and the other parties in the collision. We recommend that you only provide direct answers to the questions the police ask; do not volunteer any unnecessary information. It should be noted that statements made to the police regarding car accidents are usually protected by the accident report privilege. The investigating officers will create an accident report, which will be crucial evidence for your car accident claim case.

Our top-class attorneys in Tequesta will also contract private investigators to look into your car crash. The private investigators can unearth any hidden evidence that might support your injury lawsuit against the other driver for additional damages.

What Roads Have the Most Car Accidents?

While car accidents can occur on any road, some roads pose a higher risk than others. Examining Tequesta car accident data from 1983 to 2018, the roads with the highest number of crashes are Old Dixie Highway, Tequesta Drive, and US-1.

At least five fatal accidents have occurred on Old Dixie Highway and its intersections during this time. About four deadly car crashes happened on US-1 and its intersection during the same period. Tequesta Drive and its intersections have also had a similar number of fatal crashes. Most of these fatal accidents occurred at intersections and involved more than one vehicle.

Hospitals in Tequesta

In most car accidents that cause injuries, receiving appropriate medical care as soon as possible is always important. While calling 911 after a collision, request an ambulance if you or the other party in the accident has been injured.

If you are injured in a Tequesta crash, some nearby hospitals you can be transported to include Jupiter Medical Center and St. Mary’s Medical Center. The ambulance will always transport you to the nearest hospital that can offer you the medical attention you need depending on your medical condition. Our car accident lawyers in Tequesta can help ensure you receive the best appropriate treatment for your injuries.

How Many Car Accident Fatalities Are There in Tequesta?

Looking at car accident data in Florida from 1975 to 2019, Tequesta has always had a slightly higher number of fatal auto collisions than the state average. During this period, there were 20 deadly car accidents involving 31 vehicles, resulting in 22 deaths out of the 49 persons involved. Only 7 of the 20 fatal crashes involved drunk motorists and only two pedestrian fatalities.

In 2018, there was only one deadly accident involving two cars, leading to 1 death – similar to 2014. Two fatal accidents occurred in 2017 involving four cars resulting in two deaths. In 2015, only one car was involved in a fatal crash, leading to one death.

Need an Experiences Tequesta Car Accident Attorney?

Our law firm has been helping car accident victims receive just compensation for years. You can count on the exceptional expertise of our Tequesta car accident lawyers to win your case. Contact us today to learn more about your legal options.