Accidents can happen with little warning and have a permanent impact on your quality of life afterward. You may require ongoing medical care, be unable to continue working, and suffer other serious damages. When your injury results from the accidental or intentional misconduct of another, you could have a legal claim for compensation. A Stuart personal injury lawyer could provide valuable support in these cases by helping you identify available claims, evaluate potential settlement offers, and manage your case through a verdict at trial. Our skilled attorneys are ready to support your claim.

Different Types of Personal Injury Cases and Lawsuits

Personal injury can happen in a variety of circumstances and settings. How a person’s injury occurs will determine the type of lawsuit and the related claims they may need to file. For example, our Stuart attorneys could represent your interests in the following types of cases related to personal injury:

  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Slip and fall cases
  • Premises liability lawsuits
  • Product liability cases
  • Workers’ compensation claims
  • Professional negligence or medical malpractice claims

The legal claims arising from an injury case may influence important factors related to the outcome of a case, including the liable parties, the required legal procedures, evidentiary burdens, and available compensation.

Who Could Be Liable for an Accident?

Liability in a personal injury case generally requires evidence of negligent or intentional misconduct by another party. The person or entity responsible for an injury may be more or less clear depending on their direct or indirect involvement in the events leading up to an incident. For example, the parties liable in a car accident case might begin with the other drivers involved in the collision. However, liability could extend to others with less involvement, such as the employer of a driver in a commercial vehicle or the manufacturer of a defective car.

In premises liability cases, damages from personal injury could belong to the individuals or businesses responsible for maintaining the property in a reasonably safe condition. This is often the owner of the land but could also be a tenant or another party with caretaking duties. A lawyer in Stuart could determine all liable parties and hold them accountable for a personal injury.

Recoverable Damages in a Personal Injury Case

The specific amount of recoverable damages in a personal injury case will depend on the severity of the injury and its impact on a person’s life. Typically, a claim for compensation could seek damages for medical expenses, pain and suffering from the incident, and lost wages or future earning potential. In cases of intentional misconduct or gross negligence, an award for punitive damages may also be possible.

If a person is partially at fault for causing their own injury, the comparative fault rule could apply and limit recoverable damages. This rule limits a person’s damages by their percentage of fault for the incident. For example, an award of $100,000 would be reduced to $80,000 if the injured person was 20 percent at fault. If their fault is greater than 50 percent, Florida prohibits recovery of damages against others in a personal injury lawsuit under Section 768.81(6). An attorney in Stuart could work to mitigate allegations of comparative fault in a personal injury claim.

Get the Help of a Stuart Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Our Stuart personal injury lawyers are data-driven and have the experience and skill to help you pursue compensation against those liable for your damages in an accident. We rely on numbers to guide a potential claim and how it may compare to received settlement offers or a future verdict at trial. You can schedule a free consultation with our firm to discuss your case and how we could best service your legal needs. It is important to note that Florida has a strict two-year filing deadline for personal injury claims, and this limitation period usually begins on the date of the incident that caused your injury.