The average commercial truck driver travels hundreds or even thousands of miles in a typical workweek, and anyone who spends that much time on the road is bound to have their mind wander at some point. What truck drivers should never do, though, is distract themselves to such an extent that they end up causing a traffic collision—something which, unfortunately, far too many truckers do.

In the wake of distracted driving truck accidents in Jupiter, you may have grounds to file a civil suit against the truck driver who caused the wreck, the company they work for, and potentially other parties involved in the incident. Without support from a skilled truck crash attorney, though, you may find yourself running into legal and procedural roadblocks that keep you from getting all—or even any—of the compensation you should be owed.

Common Causes of Distracted Driving Truck Crashes

Part of what makes lawsuits and settlement demands built around distracted driving truck wrecks in Jupiter so difficult is the number of different ways a truck driver can be distracted behind the wheel. Even something as seemingly innocuous as changing the radio station or looking at a GPS could take a trucker’s eyes away from the road long enough for them to cause a life-altering crash. Some truckers distract themselves in more dramatic ways by performing personal grooming, eating and drinking, and even reading books or watching videos.

In strictly legal terms, the only type of distracted driving a truck driver can be pulled over and ticketed for in Florida is texting—or using a handheld communication device outside of hands-free mode for any other purpose. This does not mean other forms of distracted driving do not count as legally actionable negligence.  This means there may not always be a citation in a police accident report to use as evidence of negligence after a wreck occurs. This is another complicating factor for claims of this nature, which an experienced legal professional could provide vital help with overcoming.

Getting Around Common Obstacles to Recovery

Distracted driving truck accident cases in Jupiter are also subject to the same legal restrictions as other truck crash claims. For example, even if a truck driver is primarily at fault for causing a crash because they were driving while distracted, an injured person found partially at fault—for example, because they too were distracted behind the wheel—might be prevented by comparative fault laws from recovering for the full value of all their wreck-related losses.

Additionally, the two-year statutory filing deadline for injury claims also applies to truck crash claims, even those involving life-altering injuries that will never fully heal. Fortunately, working with a data-driven legal team with experience getting good results from similar past cases can go a long way toward ensuring these and other potential stumbling blocks do not get in the way of fair financial recovery.

Get Help from a Jupiter Attorney with a Distracted Driving Truck Accident Claim

Even if you have lots of evidence on your side showing that a distracted truck driver was directly to blame for your recent accident, getting their employer—and more specifically, their employer’s insurance company—to pay for your ensuing damages will not be easy. These companies know every trick in the book for protecting their own financial bottom line after crashes, and they will gladly use them to keep you from getting paid what you need.

In a situation like this, you will want help from a legal professional who knows the numbers as well as the insurance companies do and can use that knowledge to get you the result you want from your unique claim. Call today to learn how Keller, Melchiorre, & Walsh can assist you after distracted driving truck accidents in Jupiter.