Florida’s scenery makes it the prime location for water enthusiasts. People come from all over to feel the warm weather, relax at the beach, and enjoy unforgettable cruises with their families. As the top spot in the nation for cruises, Florida supports over 150,000 jobs thanks to the cruise industry. In fact, this sector contributed over $8 billion dollars to the state’s economy in 2018. With this kind of popularity among those living within and those visiting the state, it comes as no surprise that accidents happen on cruise ships. While the types of accidents and injuries may vary, one thing that remains steady is your need to have a trusted Jupiter cruise ship injury lawyer on your side. If you have been the victim of a cruise ship accident, waste no time in contacting the offices of Keller Swan Injury Attorneys, where a personal injury attorney well-versed in maritime law is ready to help you get the compensation you deserve.


There are a number of unfortunate reasons why a boating accident can happen. An attorney in Jupiter could help after any type of cruise ship injury. The list below is not all-inclusive, but it is based on reports showing the most common reasons:

Overserving Alcohol

A major perk of cruise vacations is the fact that you can relax with easy access to as much food and alcohol as you want. However, this can quickly turn into a nightmare if you are overserved. Not only can it impair your ability to make sound judgements, but it can also make you physically sick or more likely to injure yourself and others. Another big concern is the possibility of a minor being served in a different country or jurisdiction that does not have the same legal drinking age as we have here in the United States. What seems to be just an innocent novelty experience could turn into a disaster.

Excursion Accidents

People tend to try new experiences while on vacation for the sake of making memories, but this can lead to regret if it is not done with caution. Be careful when trying something for the first time on vacation. The protocols of the cruise ship may not follow the same guidelines that a similar company would require in the United States.


Several types of illness can run rampant on a cruise ship. Because of the close proximity of the passengers, it does not take much effort for a virus to spread quickly. Another common issue is food poisoning from a lack of health regulatory protocol.

Slips and Falls

Slips and falls can lead to serious injury. Pay close attention to any warning signs you see posted. Most slip and fall injuries happen when there is no warning posted. When you are on a cruise ship, always be aware of your surroundings, not just around the ship but also on the ship itself.

Pool Accidents

The likelihood of pool accidents increases when alcohol is involved. Make sure there is a trained lifeguard nearby before you or your family take advantage of the pool and its amenities.

Engine Fires

An engine fire can cause the ship to lose its electrical power. This type of energy loss could send the passengers and crew into a panic.

Exposure to Sewage

If the power was to go out, the toilet system would not be able to run properly, thus increasing the risk of sewage exposure. This could obviously make passengers extremely ill if they came into contact with such contaminated waters.

Poor Conditions for Employees

Some cruise ships do not take care of their employees the way they should. They are not fed well or housed in appropriate quarters. The treatment and conditions may lead to emotional and physical distress.

Onboard Medical Malpractice

While many cruise lines boast their ability to provide professional medical care on board, you need to keep in mind that these medical professionals may only be certified in certain countries. Medical standards vary from country to country, so the type of medical care you are used to in the United States may not be what you receive on the cruise. In fact, you may even run the risk of experiencing medical malpractice and getting medical “help,” that does more harm than it does good.

No Background Checks

Cruise ships are known to be overly laid back about their background checks of employees and passengers. You really do not know who you are going to be on this cruise ship with for days or weeks at a time. This can prove to be problematic when you allow a crew member or passenger to be on board that has a history of violence or deviant behavior.


If you are injured on a cruise ship, contact the authorities immediately. Also, contact a Jupiter lawyer knowledgeable in cruise ship injuries at Keller Swan Injury Attorneys as soon as possible. Take as many pictures of the injury and location of the accident as you can. Be sure to document the progress of your injury over time, whether you are still stuck on the ship or are now on land. The more evidence you gather close to the date of the injury, the stronger a case your lawyer can make for you.

FILE A CLAIM With a Jupiter Cruise Ship Injury Attorney

If you are injured while on a cruise vacation, your attorney will help you establish fault, whether it was that of the cruise owner, the cruise ship operator, or another third party. Contact your legal representative immediately so he or she can help you file a claim for your injury. Even if you think your injury is not major, you have to consider the financial setbacks you may endure during this time frame. You may be looking at medical bills, rehabilitation services, a loss of wages, or just continued pain. Whatever the case may be, you are not responsible for an injury you suffered while on this cruise vacation. Let a legal professional guide you in the right direction for getting the compensation you deserve.

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a cruise ship accident, now is the time to start documenting your injury and contacting a lawyer. Take a quick minute to contact a Jupiter cruise ship injury lawyer at Keller Swan Injury Attorneys today to set up a consultation to discuss your needs.