Severe burns are life-altering injuries. Even a moderate burn could have a devastating impact, depending on the body part affected.

Negligence is almost always behind a situation that leads to burns, and those negligent have financial responsibility for your losses. Contact a Jupiter burn injury lawyer if you suffered a burn in an accident. A skilled catastrophic injury attorney could investigate the situation that led to your burn and hold the responsible person accountable for your losses.

Burns are Complex Injuries

The skin is the body’s largest organ. It provides a physical barrier that protects the body from injury, prevents dehydration, has a role in temperature regulation, and produces vitamin D. A severe injury to the skin causes many other problems. A Jupiter attorney could ensure a person receives compensation for the physical and psychological effects of a burn.

First and second-degree burns damage only the outer layers of skin and typically heal without significant medical intervention or long-term effects. Third-degree burns penetrate the lower levels of skin and usually require skin grafts. Fourth-degree burns involve subcutaneous fat, fifth-degree burns involve underlying muscles and organs, and sixth-degree burns involve bone.

Treatment for Severe Burns

The most immediate threat with a severe burn is shock. The body sends blood to the site of the injury, which can deprive the brain and other internal organs of the oxygen they need. Shock causes many burn fatalities.

When a person survives the initial shock response, treating the burn usually involves controlling infection and surgeries to repair the skin. Amputation might be necessary when an infection takes hold or a burn damages a body part beyond repair. Sometimes, a burn requires multiple skin grafts and other interventions to increase the functionality of the injured body part and reduce scarring.

Establishing Liability for a Burn Injury

Someone seeking damages for an injury must prove it resulted from someone else’s negligence. Negligence is a failure to use an appropriate degree of care to prevent a situation that could cause harm to others.

A Jupiter attorney could find evidence of negligence in various situations. Whether the burn injury resulted from a workplace accident, house fire, malfunctioning product, electrocution, or some other incident, a legal professional has the knowledge and expertise to investigate the situation and find proof a party did not use reasonable care to prevent the injury.

Sometimes, the injured person had a role in the injury. When an injured person’s conduct contributed to the incident that caused the injury, they can collect partial damages from other negligent parties when they were not primarily responsible for the incident.

Damages in Burn Injury Cases

When an injured person can prove another’s negligence contributed to their injury, they can collect monetary damages. Compensatory damages cover all the person’s injury-related expenses and losses. Punitive damages are available in some cases when the defendant’s conduct was especially outrageous.

Economic Damages

Economic damages include medical costs, lost wages, and any expenses the person incurred due to their injury. Future losses, like ongoing medical care and reduced earning capacity, are also part of economic damages.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages are those losses that do not have a fixed cost. A person could receive financial compensation for their pain, inconvenience, mental suffering, scarring, and diminished quality of life.

Punitive Damages

Florida Statutes § 768.72  allows an injured person to seek punitive damages if a Jupiter burn attorney proves the liable party acted intentionally to harm or behaved with gross negligence. A legal representative must show intent or gross negligence by clear and convincing evidence.

Call Immediately After a Burn Injury for a Free Consultation with a Jupiter Attorney

When you suffer burns in an accident, you deserve appropriate compensation. A Jupiter burn injury lawyer has the resources and knowledge to ensure you receive a settlement that allows you to move forward and live your best life. Do not wait to get an advocate on your side. Call today to schedule a free consultation with a compassionate attorney.