Citrus Park is a fantastic place, but our area has seen an increase in car accidents in recent years. Car accidents can cause serious injuries, including traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, and even death. If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident in Citrus Park, seeking legal representation from an experienced car accident lawyer is essential.

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Citrus Park is a suburban community located in Hillsborough County. With more than 27,000 residents, the area is known for its excellent schools, parks, and recreational facilities. Its proximity to downtown Tampa and other nearby attractions makes it an attractive place to live, work and play.


According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there were 390,700 car accidents in Florida in 2022. Out of these accidents, 3,434 resulted in fatalities, while 248,724 resulted in injuries.


Car accidents can occur for various reasons, including driver error, vehicle malfunction, and hazardous road conditions. However, some of the most common causes of car accidents in Citrus Park include the following:

Distracted driving – Texting, eating, talking on the phone, or any other activity that takes a driver’s attention away from the road can lead to a car accident.
Speeding – Drivers who exceed the posted speed limit increase their risk of losing control of their vehicle, causing a crash.
Drunk driving – Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol impairs a driver’s ability to make sound decisions, leading to accidents.
Reckless driving – Ignoring traffic signals, tailgating, or changing lanes abruptly can cause accidents.
Severe weather – Even though Florida weather is typically beautiful, we also get our share of storms. Many produce blinding rain that can increase the chances of an accident.


Car accident injuries can be costly, both financially and emotionally. The costs associated with a car accident injury may include:

Medical bills – Hospitalization, doctor visits, surgeries, and medication can add up to significant medical bills. Severe injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries, can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars over a victim’s lifetime.
Lost wages – Car accident injuries can cause an individual to miss work, resulting in lost wages. If an injury victim can’t return to work, they may be able to obtain compensation for their current lost wages and their future lost earning capacity.
Property damage – Repairing or replacing a damaged vehicle can be costly. Filing a lawsuit could help you receive money to fix that damage.
Pain and suffering – The emotional trauma and physical pain caused by a car accident can take a toll on an individual’s quality of life. A skilled attorney can help you obtain compensation for these and other intangible damages.


Determining who is liable for a car accident depends on the circumstances of the accident. Sometimes, the driver who caused the accident may be responsible for paying for damages. In other cases, liability may fall on the vehicle manufacturer, the government agency responsible for maintaining the road, or a combination of parties.

If you’ve been in a car accident, you must seek legal representation from a car accident lawyer who can help you determine who’s liable for your damages and pursue compensation on your behalf. In Florida, drivers must carry Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance, which covers medical expenses and lost wages up to a specific limit, regardless of who was at fault for the accident. However, if your damages exceed the limit of your PIP coverage, you may need to pursue compensation through a personal injury lawsuit.


If you decide to pursue a personal injury lawsuit, the process typically involves the following steps:

Consultation with a car accident lawyer – The first step is to consult a car accident lawyer who can assess your case and determine whether you have a valid claim.
Investigation – Your lawyer will investigate the circumstances of the accident, gather evidence, and interview witnesses to build a strong case. The investigation needs to begin as soon as possible so that critical evidence doesn’t disappear.
Filing a claim – Once they have the facts of the case, your attorney will send a demand letter to the at-fault driver’s insurance company and the insurers covering any other liable parties. This letter will spell out the compensation you should receive for your damages.
Negotiation – Your attorney will then negotiate with the insurance company to reach a fair settlement that covers your damages.
Trial – If the opposition decides not to settle, your lawyer may take your case to trial, presenting evidence and arguments to a judge and jury. Even though most cases never get to this stage, you still want to choose an attorney with extensive courtroom experience. That way, you can have peace of mind knowing your lawyer will be able to present a compelling argument.


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