After falling from an elevated surface, tripping over a loose power cord, or slipping on a slick or damaged surface, you can sustain serious injuries. The consequences of trip and fall accidents may look like a few days of lost wages and a broken arm, or a permanent disability that leaves you unable to provide for your family.

When employers or property owners allow unsafe conditions to persist on their worksite or premises, they can be found at fault for injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents. As the injured party, you may be entitled to compensation for expenses like lost wages, medical bills, and emotional distress. A Boca Raton Slip and Fall Lawyer could help you understand your personal injury lawsuit options.


The type of damages you are able to recover will depend not only on the circumstances of the accident, but the quality of the slip and fall attorney in Boca Raton you select to negotiate your settlement. When your future is in jeopardy due to someone else’s negligence, you cannott risk hiring an inexperienced lawyer who is unfamiliar with the complex conditions surrounding slip and fall claims.

The lawyers of KMW Legal are seasoned advocates for injured slip and fall victims with a record of their successes that speaks to our consistency and expertise. If negotiations come to a standstill, we will not yield to an inadequate settlement offer to avoid going to trial. Instead, we will harness our courtroom experience to secure you a settlement that respects the value of your losses.

Slip/trip and fall accidents can be complicated to settle, especially without the support of an expert. Navigating a lawsuit alleging negligence or a workers’ compensation claim will often force you to face off against a powerful insurance company. Insurance companies will definitely deploy their legal team to settle the claim, and so should you.

KMW Legal has over thirty years of combined experience negotiating settlements with insurance companies on behalf of our slip/trip and fall clients. We will promptly investigate the scene of the accident to reduce the chance of evidence being lost or records and footage being lost. Based on our findings, your medical records, and testimony from experts and witnesses, we’ll craft a compelling case to recover your damages.

KMW Legal invites you to attend a no-cost, no-commitment strategy session with our team. We will listen to your story, review your legal options, and discuss expectations for your settlement. At Keller, Melchiorre and Walsh, you can anticipate a personalized approach that fully recognizes your damages.


After a slip and fall, some people are fortunate enough to be able to walk away with nothing more than a bruised ego. Others are not so lucky. Unsafe conditions like a greasy floor could cause someone to slip and break an arm, strike their head on a hard surface, or seriously strain the muscles in their back.

In addition to injuries stemming from the impact of the fall, you may have been hurt by hazards surrounding the situation that caused the accident. For example, you may have sustained deep lacerations or puncture wounds from nearby debris, or burns from spilled chemicals or damaged wires. Common injuries after a trip and fall include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Severe bruising and lacerations
  • Dental and mouth injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Internal injuries

Seek Immediate Medical Care After a Slip and Fall Injury

If slip and fall injuries are left untreated, that increases the risk of further medical issues. Bones can heal incorrectly, wounds can become infected, and brain function compromised. Delaying medical care can also result in your settlement being dismissed or diminished.

Insurance companies will point to your postponement of treatment as a sign that you are overstating your injuries to falsely collect a larger settlement than you deserve. To protect your right to recover damages, seek a slip and fall accident lawyer in Boca Raton with the resources and knowledge to secure a fair settlement.


Slip/trip and fall accidents are largely caused by unexpected obstacles, issues with the floor’s surface, and missing or malfunctioning safety equipment. For example, safety hazards like unmarked steps and missing railings are often related to stair accidents that can cause devastating injuries.

Even when some degree of danger is expected, like jobs that entail handling heavy machinery or in restaurants where spills are common, property owners and employers are still expected to post warnings of the risk and mitigate the danger when possible.

While high-risk jobs like construction work account for a larger percentage of deadly slip/trip and fall accidents, office workers should also be conscious of workplace hazards and report any issues to their employers. Office workers are susceptible to injuring themselves by falling off rolling chairs or tripping over open filing cabinet drawers. Other examples of slip and falls include:

  • Unsecured ladders
  • Unsteady platforms
  • Missing or damaged railing
  • Uneven, damaged, or loose flooring
  • Wet or recently waxed floors with no caution signs
  • Spilled substances
  • Ice or grease buildup on floors
  • Debris or clutter on the floor or in walkways
  • Inadequate or overwhelming lighting
  • Cords or wiring in walkways
  • Unexpected drops, inclines, or rough floors
  • Missing safety features or precautions

An attorney in Boca Raton could investigate a slip and fall to determine the cause and liability.


The fallout of a slip/trip and fall accident is rarely confined to the cost of an emergency room consultation or a lost paycheck. In many cases, the injured victim’s finances, family, and emotional well-being are impacted, as well as their physical health.

A slip/trip and fall accident can lead to injuries that require the use of a mobility aid, such as a cane, or prevent the injured person from participating in a favorite hobby. Depending on their prior employment situation, a slip/trip and fall accident can force someone to sacrifice their career or miss out on a promotion. A slip and fall lawyer in Boca Raton will be able to determine the damages, both economic and non-economic, that you are eligible to collect depending on where the accident occurred and what duty was owed. You could receive compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lab tests
  • Ambulance rides
  • Surgeries
  • Hospital stays
  • Medication
  • Home healthcare services
  • Mobility aids
  • Physical or occupational therapy
  • Home renovations
  • Job-related losses
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning potential
  • Costs of job retraining
  • Missed promotions
  • Inability to continue career
  • Pain and suffering
  • Wrongful death
  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Loss of consortium or parental guidance

At KMW Legal, we have seen many cases of how slip and fall injuries can linger and negatively affect our clients’ lives. Our lawyers are trained to thoroughly evaluate the impact that your injuries have had on your quality of life, your ability to work, and your mental health. KMW Legal will work tirelessly to secure a fair settlement that acknowledges all of your damages.


When a customer enters a store or an employee goes to work, they have the reasonable expectation that they can shop, work, or walk without risk of injury. When workers, customers, or the public are not warned of or protected from hazards, the parties responsible for maintaining a safe environment may be held liable for damages.

Liability Depends on the Circumstances of the Slip and Fall Accident

Liability is when a person or entity is considered legally responsible for the damages of an injured party. If the slip and fall accident occurred at work, injured employees will typically be able to recover the cost of their medical bills and the majority of their lost wages through a workers’ compensation claim. It is not necessary to prove fault in a workers’ compensation claim, as the employer is held responsible for the costs of injuries in most circumstances related to the job.

Property owners’ liability encompasses a much larger scope, as long as the plaintiff’s lawyer is able to demonstrate they were owed a duty of care. Property owners are typically subject to premises liability, which means they have a duty to prevent or mitigate hazards when possible and warn invitees and guests of potential threats. When they do not fulfill this obligation, injured parties are able to recover both non-economic damages like pain and suffering, in addition to medical expenses and lost wages.


In addition to financial losses, many slip, trip, and fall victims incur costs that are more difficult to qualify. You may have downplayed your injuries in the initial aftermath due to embarrassment, only to discover you still have trouble reaching the top shelf days later, picking up your child, or feeling like your performance at work reflects your abilities.

If you are pursuing a sliP and fall lawsuit against a negligent party, you will need a Boca Raton attorney who is familiar with the tactics insurance companies use to reduce settlements. A capable trip and fall lawyer will also be able to link the business or property owner’s negligence to the accident and your injuries. This aids in establishing their fault and securing damages.


If your trip and fall injury was sustained at work, it is still wise to connect with an experienced Boca Raton attorney to ensure that your workers’ compensation claim is being handled in a fair and timely manner. Insurance companies will sometimes dismiss or devalue legitimate claims in the hopes that you won’t pursue the claim any further; this allows them to avoid cutting into their profits. KMW Legal will not let them get away with refusing to compensate you for your damages.


At Keller, Melchiorre & Walsh, our word-of-mouth reputation is a point of pride for us. We endeavor to treat our clients with the same respect and understanding that we would expect for ourselves, which has garnered us a reputation for excellence in the Boca Raton community.

KMW Legal has spent the past decade counseling injured residents through their trip and fall lawsuits to recover fair settlements. Our clients are kept in the loop as we draft statements, negotiate for compensation, and make key decisions about strategy.

In the aftermath of a serious slip/trip and fall accident, you may be reluctant to seek legal representation. We understand the value of the trust our clients place in our services, and we will not relent until your needs have been satisfied. We encourage you to benefit from our hard-earned legal insight in a free strategy session with a Boca Raton slip and fall lawyer. Call today.